Cannot delete node_modules

by on under code
1 minute read

Node likes to install stuff inside node_modules with stupidly nested folder structures containing dependencies of dependencies of dependencies. When trying to clean out these folders, Windows fails saying the directory structure is too deep / path is too long.

I’ve seen suggestions to use 7-zip file manager, Total Commander, various command lines. None worked for me.

I came across this post: How to delete node_modules folder on Windows machine? but when I tried it, the command just sat there and did nothing. Steps to make it work are:

  1. Command prompt as administrator
  2. npm install rimraf -g
  3. Change to the directory containing node_modules
  4. Ensure that no processes have a hold of the node_modules directory. This is the important step - Windows Explorer or anything else can’t have a window open or it will be locked.
  5. rimraf node_modules
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